Grothmans Obsession Continues

Seriously, what is it with State Senator Glenn Grothman and his unhealthy obsession with race? Monday, it was reported that he is planning yet another whack at affirmative action in Wisconsin. He is planning to introduce an amendment similar to the one passed in Michigan banning affirmative action. Grothman defends the idea by appealing to every urban legend on race endlessly repeated by angry white men.

Glenn Grothman has a long and shameful record of stoking racial divisions.

Well after most conservatives gave up their struggle against recognizing the Martin Luther King Holiday, Grothman kept up the fight. As recently as 1997 he proposed actual legislation, making the holiday just a standard work day.

Last year Grothman suggested that only one racial minority be given ‘€œspecial consideration’€ in the UW admissions process. Waxing ignorant he said, ‘€œI think our society is used to giving preference to African Americans, but why in the world would we give preferences to Hispanics, who’€™ve just come here?’€

What’€™s wrong, can’€™t Glenn Grothman find another issue to focus on? Whatever happened to that TABOR issue which led him to oust his predecessor? If he too has finally given up on that bad policy, perhaps he should continue making state law to benefit individual businesses. Whatever he does to occupy his time, we can only hope that his obsession on race comes to a quick end.

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