Gudex Scrubs Campaign Website

Is Senate Candidate Trying to Hide His Extreme Views From the Public?

MADISON, Wis. — State Senate candidate Rick Gudex has re-written a key section of the “policy” page on his campaign’s website, raising questions about what he’s trying to hide from the public, according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross.

Ross asked, “Is Gudex trying to hide his extreme views on women’s health from the public because he knows they’re so far out of step with Wisconsin values, or is he trying to hide the fact he’s towing the line for out-of-state millionaire and billionaire ideologues, supporting their agenda that would hurt children?”

Gudex’s campaign website in late summer touted his support for expanding the private school voucher program and implementing policies like those that would ban abortion in all circumstances, including for victims or rape or incest or to save the life of the mother, and could result in criminal investigations of women suffering miscarriages. But, as of October 2nd, Gudex’s site featured a rewritten “family values” section.

In a recent newspaper article, Gudex reaffirmed his opposition to allowing victims of rape or incest to make their own health care decisions. He has also been dubbed “100% pro-life” by an organization that would ban common forms of birth control and supports a constitutional amendment that could ban in vitro fertilization and stem cell research and even result in authorities investigating women who suffer a miscarriage.

Ross commented, “Rick Gudex may be changing the words on his website for public consumption, but he hasn’t changed his extreme views, like denying a woman the ability to make her own health care decisions. “

Ads sponsored by the group the American Federation for Children (AFC) have been running to support the Gudex campaign. AFC is funded in large measure by out-of-state, right-wing ideologues who supported a $35 million increase in state taxpayer support for the private school voucher program in Milwaukee while record cuts were being made to public schools, including over $82 million to Oshkosh and Fond du Lac area schools.

“No amount of website scrubbing is going to change the fact that Rick Gudex’s true agenda is bad for women’s health and will hurt our children’s education. All he’s done is raise serious questions about his credibility,” concluded Ross.

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