Guess What Mary? We Don’t Care

Frothing political lifer Mary Lazich has just urped up her latest list of things she won’t vote for in the coming session. Health care of course, is tops on her no-way list.

Good news is that Lazich, who despite her hatred of government has been in office and collected a salary, per diem, a pension plan and health bennies off of us for 15 years, will spend the next two years again being nothing more than a stammering back-bencher.That was reinforced the other day at the Senate swearing ceremony.

On hand to administer the oath to senators was Judge Lynn Adelman. Adelman, you may remember, was the liberal Democrat who held the senate seat currently occupied Lazich.

Adelman joked during his remarks about the similarity in their voting records — much to the amusement of audience members.

Sure, they may have been laughing at how diametrically opposed the two are philosophically — what with Lazich falling right of Grover Norquist in her hatred of any government investment in infrastructure or the common good (but, again in Lazich’s case, she’s not talking about her salary, per diem, pension or health care government pays for).

Or else they’re laughing at how Republicans like ‘Tommy!’ and then-lead Senate GOP fundraiser Mike Ellis pushed so hard for Washington to approve Adelman’s life-time appointment to the federal bench — so that Lazich could nab the seat back in ‘98.

Majorities come and go, but a lifetime appointment is, well, a lifetime.

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