Has Everyone Forgotten McCain Co-Chair Van Hollen’s Last Partisan Lawsuit?

For the most part, JB Van Hollen does little more than put out occasional press releases about small settlements he’s collected and press releases about larger settlements begun under his predecessor.

Oh, and file Republican-inspired partisan lawsuits with tax dollars directly help Republican elected officials.



In 2008, he infamously filed a suit against the State of Wisconsin to change the rules about voter registration. Rules that would throw voters off the rolls whose names (first, last, middle, suffix) didn’t exactly match the original voting file. This would mean that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites could be dropped from the rolls and forced to re-register, making voting much more difficult.

Van Hollen’s standard was so rigid that even his registration would have likely been rejected because of his odd use of initials and his then-recent change of addresses due to his election as Attorney General.

Keep in mind Van Hollen filed the suit after it was revealed his Deputy AG had been in regular contact with Republican Party of Wisconsin Chair Reince Preibus as the suit germinated.

Van Hollen lost, and liberty won, but this hasn’t stopped Van Hollen from using taxpayer resources to help his Republican pals.

And he’s at it again.

This time, he’s trying to sue against the constitutionality of the historic health reform legislation signed into law this week by President Obama.

After announcing on Wednesday late he would have an “announcement” Thursday, Van Hollen brought reporters into his office in the capitol to say he was going to ask permission (required under the law) from either the Governor or the Senate and Assembly to join the Republican federal lawsuit being filed by 13 attorneys general from around the country.

Interestingly, Scott Wallace…er Walker, was first out of the gate to praise Van Hollen’s efforts at one of the most substantial pieces of pro-American federal legislation since the Civil Rights Act. MarK Neumann also jumped in, as did the 34 GOP state legies (at least 29 of whom have state-financed or federally-financed health care), who begged Van Hollen to open up DOJ to the partisan whims of rabid anti-working family extremists.

We’re trying to stop that and you can help by clicking here: http://www.onewisconsinnow.org/page/s/vanhollenHealth

And lest we forget, old Promise Keeper JB flip-flopped and said he couldn’t defend the state when it came to domestic partner protections.

Van Hollen’s DOJ: Against the civil rights of voters, against the rights of gays, against the right of Wisconsinites to access affordable health care.

Van Hollen’s DOJ: For his partisan and corporate masters.

One Wisconsin Now has filed an open records requests to get to the bottom of exactly who Van Hollen is taking his marching orders from when it comes to the bullshit lawsuit.

Is it Walker? Is it Neumann? Is it Reince Preibus? Was it the notoriously sleazy and corporate-financed Republican Attorneys General Association?   

The longer Van Hollen obfuscates, the larger the shadow of doubt on his eroded integrity.


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