Have You Emailed WMC’s Board Yet?

Yesterday we told you about the early success of our email campaign to the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) board. Since then many more people have responded and thousands more emails have been sent flooding the inboxes of those that sit on the WMC Board. If you have not yet had the opportunity to speak your mind to the WMC Board of Directors, now is the time to take your stand. WMC has been rightfully on the receiving end of much criticism lately by some of the most respected people in our state.

Most recently the outgoing UW-Madison Chancellor John D. Wiley called out WMC for allowing itself to be ‘€œhijacked by highly partisan, ideologically driven staff.’€ The senior staff at WMC have ignored very similar statements in the recent past by other prominent Wisconsinites and all indications seem to show that they will also ignore Chancellor Wiley’€™s as well. WMC Vice President Jim Buchen responded to the comments claiming that he and the other staff ‘€œis not ideologically fixated.’€ A laughable comment considering just some of the following facts available at WMCWatch.org:

Many of the staff have worked in or come directly out of Republican Party politics.

Only Republicans receive a high rank on their phony ‘€œscorecard’€.

They have spent millions of dollars to support Republican candidates.

If that is not enough evidence just look at the most recent example. Only weeks ago WMC sent out fundraising letters in a fairly blatant attempt to protect the Republican majority in the state Assembly. Given all of these examples and all the many others, how can any thinking person take their denials of partisanship seriously?

The senior staff at WMC are a lost cause, which is why Chancellor Wiley’€™s appeal to the membership and the Board of Directors is so appropriate. That is also why we are asking you to add your voice to the many others by speaking your mind to the WMC Board. If they will continue to ignore the advice of such prominent and well respected Wisconsinites, then perhaps hearing from large numbers of citizens will give them pause and cause them to rethink the partisan course that their organization has been on. If you have not emailed WMC’s Board of Directors, please DO IT TODAY!

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