Help Remind Egelhoff of What She Really Thinks

Apparently right wing blogger turned state assembly candidate Jo Egelhoff is confused about her various positions. Dan Bice reports in Friday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she pulled down many of her blog postings prior to starting her current campaign. With good reason, as the story points out, she has written many things on her blog that many of her supporters and even general constituents in the district would find disturbing.

One priceless example is that as a candidate she received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association but apparently they didn’€™t know that as a blogger she was pretty adamant against concealed carry. An NRA lobbyist was quoted in the story reacting to some of her blog commentary saying, ‘€œNice having watchdogs out there keeping people in line.’€ Egelhoff awkwardly tries to explain away her reversed positions which happened just in time for the NRA endorsement, but only seems to dig the hole even deeper.

While the concealed carry contradiction should be bad enough, the Bice story reveals several other blog entries that she has written that might be a little more difficult for the every day constituent to swallow. Bice quotes her on the tax burden that she and other wealthy people are forced to pay to help the rest of us poor peasants.

‘€œHow many more health care programs, education fixes, retirement funds, police departments, must I fund for the benefit of my neighbor ‘€” and to the detriment of the economy?’€

Wow, I wonder if she has accused any progressives of being an elitist lately? Like her weak explanation for the concealed carry reversal, has she evolved on this position as well? It would be hard to imagine a candidate, who is much more fortunate than the average constituent in her district, sticking to such a harsh position. Does Jo Egelhoff still have a problem with paying her fair share to help with such trivial things as funding police departments, education and stuff?

Some time ago Jo Egelhoff wrote a blog suggesting that I was confused about how the economy works (good luck trying to find that blog now). While I took great exception to her opinion, it looks like she has a much more serious problem. It looks like Jo Egelhoff is actually confused about what Jo Egelhoff thinks. She should repost all of the blog commentary that she has swept under the rug so that the rest of us can help remind her about what she really thinks.

UPDATE:  One Wisconsin Now is a strong first Amendment advocate and believes Jo Egelhoff has a right to post these blogs and allow the public to see her views ‘€“ no matter how extreme, out-of-touch or controversial. So today OWN is launching, which includes Egelhoff’s greatest hits and a full library of her missing blogs.

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