Hero of the Week: Dave Obey

From the Spooner Advocate comes Dave Obey’s (D-WI) fiery words of wisdom that earned him the OWN Team’s Hero of the Week award:

‘I swear to god, when I see what some people are saying today, I think they have the memory length of a cocker spaniel,’ said Obey ‘€œI want you to go back and compare what George Bush inherited, when he took office eight years ago and what Barack Obama inherited when he walked into that White House.’

‘What Bush did was blow away $6 trillion in expected surpluses and he spent $2 trillion, borrowed $2 trillion I should say, in order to promote tax cuts, that primarily went into the pockets of the most wealthy people of this society and he spent another $1 trillion on the dumbest war in America’€™s history.’

One of obstacles to healthcare reform, he said, is people ‘lying about what we are trying to do’… ‘The insurance industry does not want to see major changes,’ he said. Obey said there were several ‘special interest’ and ‘lobbyist’ who were fighting [health insurance] reform because ‘they are not used to losing in this society and by god they have to lose this time or the public isn’€™t going to win.’

[Spooner Advocate]

The runner up was Alan Grayson (D-FL) for his salty rhetoric on health insurance reform obstructionists:



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