Homegrown’ Tommy! Ad Busted By Fake ‘Teacher’

Tommy! Thompson's "Homegrown" ad actually features a fake "teacher" that corporate special interests have featured in Wisconsin and in other states.

Tommy! Thompson. Homegrown. Wisconsin.

Whatever Tommy! is going to do in the U.S. Senate race, he’s now launched out some slickly-produced interwebs ad. 

It’s chock full of claims, quick edits and the latest technology to make the near-septuagenarian the voice of the future.

What we also noticed in the video at 28 seconds and 1:15, that Tommy’s “Wisconsin” teacher is actually from stock footage used against Sen. Dave Hansen by the $50 million Republican State Leadership Committee.

And used by the Florida Chamber of Commerce in its anti-worker propaganda campaign.

It seems there are a lot of corporate-financed or inspired television ads out there instructing the youth about the correct spelling of “grain” and “spray” as you can “read” on the “chalkboard” of the “classroom.” (That is if you’re not too busy making “air quotes”.)

As we’ve noted before “Homegrown” Tommy! will face serious challenges trying to get through the GO-Tea Party more than 14 years after his last actual campaign.*

(*Note: We’re going to cut Tommy! slack and ignore the embarrassing 2008 presidential run in which he said employers should be able to fire employees with “the gay” and that making money was “part of the jewish tradition.”

Consider again:

1. As U.S. Health and Human Services secretary, Tommy oversaw the $8 trillion unfunded mandate — Medicare Part D — that many said was just a giveaway to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

2. As governor, Tommy more than doubled the size of state government, which included increasing the Department of Corrections budget from $186 million to a billion dollars.

3. According to the current President of the United States Barack Obama AND to the conservative group Club for Growth, Tommy supported the new health care law.

So with all that, where does this leave us? (Other than  Gov. Scott Walker shouldn’t make us pay $50 to hear his job ideas, rather we should find out the secrets from the fake “teacher,” who’s got the magic elixir for employability.)

Would seem like this ad being called “homegrown” is about as credible as Tommy Thompson claiming to be a fiscal conservative after doubling the size of state government and marshaling through the biggest unfunded mandate in American history.

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