“Hooray! We Can Lock Up the Gays!”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today that gay Wisconsin couples going to California to get married might be subject to prosecution when they get back home. The story points to an obscure Wisconsin law which prohibits Wisconsinites from going to another state to get married, if that marriage would otherwise be illegal back at home. Apparently the law was established to guard against under age couples from getting married in other states and coming back to Wisconsin. Some gay couples have called off their plans to get married in California, specifically citing the Wisconsin law. The statute calls for up to a $10,000 fine and nine months in jail.

Legislators quoted in the story don’€™t think that the obscure law would apply to these gay couples, but it seems that the decision to prosecute would be up to each individual District Attorney. Even the legislator that sponsored the anti-gay marriage amendment suggests that the law would not apply to gay couples getting married in California. That wasn’€™t enough to stop anti-gay crusader Julaine Appling from calling for the prosecution of gay couples. As if cheerleading for anti-gay discrimination wasn’€™t enough, now she seems to be calling for the outright jailing of people that simply want to get married. If you needed any more proof at just how obsessed and extreme some people are on this subject you need not look any further than Appling.

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