Hungry for change, GOP county exec looks to Walkers missed opportunity

Outagamie County Executive Toby Paltzer, a GOPer, issued a press release today that makes Scott Walker look even more like a jerk for denying Milwaukee Co. their deserved share of stimulus dollars.It reads:

‘€œExecutive Paltzer is very supportive of the successes of Milwaukee County’€¦ However, if the Milwaukee County Executive feels reluctant to accept stimulus package money, Outagamie County will be most appreciative of accepting their share.’€

His polite, almost humorous, request comes just two months after Walker’€™s own chief of staff was caught looking for a little stimulation behind Walker’€™s back in a series of emails unearthed by the Journal Sentinel.

Surely Paltzer isn’€™t the only county executive wishing they could get a piece of the action Walker is choosing to forfeit, and the fact that Paltzer and Walker’€™s chief of staff are conservatives is a testament to how far out of the mainstream Walker’€™s position is.

My guess is that Paltzer probably picked up a newspaper sometime during the past year and is realizing that now isn’€™t the time to be taking a politically motivated stance on an issue that will have a dramatic affect on the ability of his county to succeed. Walker, meanwhile, is sitting in his corner sticking to the exact economic philosophy that has helped put Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin in this mess.

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