I Don’t WANNA Pay My Fair Share! – Corporate Shill from Dallas Whines

A story in the Wisconsin State Journal today inexplicably gives a forum to some blow-hard from Dallas named Barry Asmus who spent the better part of his speaking engagement at the WMC annual Business Day in Madison railing against making the super-rich and gigantic corporations actually pay their fair share for the services they so willingly use. He didn’€™t even beat around the bush. ‘€œDon’€™t raise taxes on corporations or wealthy people’€ reads the leed.

Not surprisingly, this dolt sang HIGH the praises of Ronald Reagan throughout. But Asmus’€™ suckling of Reagan would make even Grover Norquist blush. According to Asmus, Reagan’€™s tax cuts for the wealthy ended 50 years of a ‘€œlousy’€ U.S. economy spanning the Great Depression up until 1983. Sorry, idiot says what? So one of the biggest explosions in the history of the world economy, after the New Deal and WWII, was ‘€œlousy?’€ Or the years of prosperity under Clinton? But his revisionist history and outright lies don’€™t stop there. Oh no.

Asmus then goes on to claim, in very Reagan-esque fashion, that thousands of ‘€œteenage boys’€ each own two to 15 homes, thanks to the ‘€œgovernment-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.’€ And his proof of this is?? Much like the welfare queens in Cadillacs, this sort of claim is nothing more than a neocon scare tactic these trolls use to attack the middle and lower class’€”making US to appear irresponsible, dumb, and unable to make informed decisions for ourselves. What about the banker’€™s who GAVE these people huge loans, knowing they couldn’€™t pay them back? I’€™m not about to claim that those who took big loans shouldn’€™t share some responsibility, but those mortgage lenders were preying on innocent people to steal their money and take their houses.

That this mouthpiece for the wealthy was even invited to speak in Wisconsin is a disgrace. Then again, look at who brought him here’€”none other than the CEO’€™s Only Club, aka WMC. Is this the kind of dangerous and ridiculous rhetoric that WMC is planning on pushing this budget cycle? Sorry you money-grubbers, but guess what? We’€™ve ALL got to make sacrifices in this bad economy that you free-marketers helped to create (thanks a lot!), and that means YOU TOO.
Thank goodness that someone at the Business Day Conference brought some reality to the proceedings. Mark Miller (D-Monona) called WMC on the carpet, telling the Business Day audience that WMC had degraded Wisconsin’€™s ‘€œreputation for clean government.’€ Miller went on: ‘€œThis organization [WMC] has badmouthed Wisconsin more than any other.’€ Finally, someone said it.

Barry Asmus should go back to Texas, and crawl under a rock. Earth to Barry! You’€™re ideology failed. The free-marketers and all you Milt Freidman worshippers have been proven wrong, time and again. Yet you keep coming back, you keep stealing from the rest of us, and we’€™re sick of it. Shut up, go back to Texas. And don’€™t bring your corporate-sell-out-talking-point garbage back to my state ever again.

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