If Rebecca Bradley’s Views on LGBTQ Issues Have Changed, Why is She Touting Support of Anti-Gay Sheriff?

‘The Only Thing Rebecca Bradley Is Sorry For Is Getting Caught’

MADISON, Wis. — Justice Rebecca Bradley has tried to tamp down outrage surrounding the revelations of her vile homophobia, displayed in a series of articles she wrote for the Marquette Tribune, by alleging her views have changed and “apologizing” to “those offended.” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said Bradley’s claim of a change of heart ring hollow while her campaign boasts of the support of Sheriff David Clarke and uses him to raise campaign cash. Clarke called for “pitchforks and torches” and “rage, then revolt” after the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling striking down same-sex marriage bans.

“It’s hard to believe Rebecca Bradley has left her homophobia behind when as recently as yesterday she was touting the support of someone who called for revolution over ending marriage discrimination against same sex couples,” commented Ross.

Bradley has been roundly criticized for a series of articles uncovered by One Wisconsin Now in which she made hateful and venomous attacks on gay people and people living with HIV, declared voters who supported President Clinton were, “either totally stupid or entirely evil” and equated abortion with slavery and the holocaust. Bradley also refused to immediately denounce her writing that author Camille Paglia, “legitimately suggested that women play a role in date rape.”

In an attempt to stem outrage over her homophobia Bradley made numerous statements in the media claiming her views had changed. Yet Bradley has consistently touted the support of David Clarke, through a spokesperson declaring she was, “happy to have his support”, authorizing him to raise campaign contributions on her behalf and as recently as Thursday featuring his endorsement, touting her “temperament” and “integrity” in a social media post.

But Ross pointed to Bradley’s high profile supporter and campaign emissary’s prominently displayed anti-gay bias as undermining Bradley’s self-professed, newfound tolerance. After the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, Clarke took to social media to post, “Next is rage, then revolt.”

Not content to stop there, Clarke in a media interview pondered, “… who would have thought that in the 21st century homosexuality would come out of the closet and churches would be forced to go into the closet?” and opined, “If we don’t resist, we can see what is happening before our eyes …”

It was also reported that in his radio show he advocated for, “pitchforks and torches” and that, “If you call yourself an American, then you have to start a revolution in this country after what happened last week at the United States Supreme Court.”

Ross concluded, “Rebecca Bradley has given Wisconsinites little reason to trust her, and even less evidence that her apology is sincere or her vile views have changed. Her close and ongoing association with a homophobic bigot like David Clarke makes the case that the only thing she’s sorry for is getting caught spewing her homophobia.”

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