In Her Own Extreme Words: Some of the Worst ‘Stuff Simac Says’

Site Tracks Outrageous Claims, Extremism from Tea Party Fanatic

MADISON, Wis. — Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac has continually refused to talk to the media about her record of tax avoidance and her out-of-touch viewpoints. Many of these controversial statements, some of which Simac has tried to pull down from the internet, are catalogued and being added to daily at One Wisconsin Now’s website

“Kim Simac’s extremist views do not represent the values of the hardworking people of the Northwoods,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “But unlike Kim Simac, the people of the Northwoods support the middle class and they pay their taxes — unlike Kim Simac.”

Among some of the recent additions to are:

One Wisconsin Now’s will be regularly updated with new alarming and contradictory comments from Simac. As an anti-tax crusader who didn’t pay state income taxes numerous times throughout the last decade, Simac participated in the so-called tea party movement before abruptly using it as a stepping stone to partisan political aspirations. [Wisconsin Department of Revenue]

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