Incidental Humor Occurs on Wisconsin Public Radio

During Friday’s “Week in Review” on Wisconsin Public Radio, host Joy Cardin was in the midst of a discussion of the week’s news in BP’s environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico when something truly rich happened.

Debating Beloit political science professor and knowledgeable scholar Georgia Duerst-Lahti, failed Assembly reactionary and embarrassed blogger Jo Egelhoff was in the middle of vigorously defending Rep. Joe Barton’s ghastly apology to BP having to pay for the crimes it has committed against the residents of the gulf region.

Egelhoff mustn’t have gotten the GOP’s talking points that everyone was bailing on Barton and in fact, the GOP’s leading House energy big oil spokeswhore had himself “apologized” for his apology.

The GOP technology whizzes may have been listening because suddenly, Egelhoffherrocker was cutoff the call because her fax machine cut in with the delivery of a must-have fax message.

Don’t know if the fax was from her corporate-GOP pals telling her to shush.

Maybe she can blog about it. Any maybe this is one she won’t try and unsuccessfully scrub from the “internets.”

# # #

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