“Independent” Walker blog has deep ties to Walker campaign

Despite assurances from the anonymous blogger behind ScottWalkerforGov.com that the blog is NOT CREATED OR ENDORESED BY THE WALKER CAMPAIGN! [caps lock and emphatic exclamation point theirs], one would be hard pressed to find anyone who actually believed the ridiculous anti-Neumann spin and gutter-snipe rhetoric wasnt coming from inside the campaign. Now, thanks to a Dan Bice column last week, the whopper is officially starting to unravel.Turns out John Schulze, one of Walkers biggest funders and closest advisors is one of the bloggers behind the site. Schulze has donated almost $1,000 to the Walker campaign over the years and as righty blogger (and fellow anonymous poster) Wisconsin Truth Project points out, Every grassroots Republican in southeast Wisconsin knows that Schulze has been a key member of Walkers inner circle for years. The idea that a key donor and advisor is somehow independent from the campaign is laughable. The continuing use of the claim of independence from the campaign, the folks at ScottForGov have shown that not only are they committed to recycling Walker campaign talking points but also Walkers campaign tactics, namely stretching the truth and misleading the public. Figures.

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