National Wave Legislators Trying to Take Health Care Decisions Away From Women Arrives in Wisconsin

Election to Legislature Doesn’t Give Power or Right to Made Decisions for Women and Families

MADISON, Wis. — The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Institute Executive Director Analiese Eicher on actions of the Assembly Republican majority to make healthcare decisions for Wisconsin women and families:

“Taking health care choices away from women and their families is the publicly stated, ultimate goal of many of the legislators pushing these new restrictions on abortion and health care providers.

“In other states handfuls of legislators are enacting radical abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest. They are imposing their beliefs on women and their families and making medical decisions for them instead of allowing trained medical professionals to make the best decisions for patients, in consultation with patients.

“Getting elected to the Wisconsin state legislature doesn’t give anyone the power or the right to make the most personal of health care decisions for women and their families. Yet that is exactly what some legislators want to do today in Wisconsin.”

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