Nomination of John K. Bush to Federal Court Moves Toward Vote in U.S. Senate

Trump Pick for Federal Bench Can’t Be Trusted to Do the Job of Protecting Rights, Treating All Equally Before the Law

MADISON, Wis. — The U.S. Senate is expected to vote soon on the confirmation of Donald Trump’s nominee John K. Bush to the Sixth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

Bush is widely considered to be manifestly unqualified for a position on the federal bench, having only ever worked on two criminal cases in his career, one of which was defending an individual accused in the beating of Rodney King.

In addition to representing corporate clients, including big tobacco, Bush has taken numerous dangerous and regressive positions on issues his writings including comparing abortion to slavery, opposing court decisions protecting freedom of the press and defending a male only military school’s admissions policy because women have “different developmental needs.”

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Institute Program Director Analiese Eicher:

“John Bush has spent his legal career working to advance the causes of corporate special interests and taking dangerous, outdated and discriminatory positions on legal issues.

“Our federal courts are supposed to be places where all are equal before the law and where we can turn to protect our rights against powerful special interests and government overreach.

“But that only works if qualified nominees with a commitment to fairness are confirmed.

“John Bush has neither the experience nor, as evidenced by his actions and writings, the inclination to be trusted to to do that job.”

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