U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Lying to Women in 5-4 Decision

Ruling Strikes Down Law Requiring Anti-Abortion Activists Masquerading as Health Care Providers to Tell Women the Truth

MADISON, Wis. — The United States Supreme Court today issued a ruling striking down a California law that required crisis pregnancy centers, staffed by anti-abortion activists masquerading as legitimate health care providers, to provide women with truthful and medically accurate information about their reproductive health care choices.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Institute Program Director Analiese Eicher:

“The United States Supreme Court just legalized lying to women about their health care.

“As we speak politicians are trying to put themselves and employers where they have no business, making reproductive health care choices for women and taking away access to birth control.

“Meanwhile the justice filling the high court seat stolen by Donald Trump and the Republicans cast the deciding vote to let radical right-wing activists pursue their agenda, no matter how dishonest their means, instead of protecting the health of women.

“Anyone who believes women ought to be able to make our own informed choices about our own health care should be outraged by this decision and the politicians who think they know better than us.”

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