After media reports revealed former Appleton City Council member Jo Egelhoff had removed the library of blog posts she had written from the ‘€œFox Politics’€ website she owns, One Wisconsin Now managed to retrieve nearly 180 posts and have cataloged the extremist and often-disturbing full library at

OWN is happy to provide people with the opportunity to read the extremist views Jo Egelhoff tried to hide. is an unsettling walk through Egelhoff’€™s extremist mind, whether it’€™s supporting the gouging of big oil, increasing class sizes and ending early education for our kids, or spiking help for veterans, slashing family planning and applauding George W. Bush’€™s veto of children’€™s health care funds.

Until now, just a handful of the millionaire blogger’s posts had been resurrected, including: criticizing “gas price whiners,” calling Social Security, Medicare and SeniorCare “giveaways” and “charity,” bemoaning why “must I fund for the benefit of my neighbor,” supporting a 50 percent in shared revenue and pulling cops off the streets. shows even more of these extremist views.

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