Introducing S***f Simac Says

Whether its Michele Bachmann’s history lessons, Sarah Palin’s death panels or Glenn Beck’s every word, extremely out-of-the-mainstream conservatives are known for saying some pretty outrageous stuff.

Wisconsin is lucky to have its very own political entertainer in Tea Party fanatic Kim Simac (R-Northwoods). Unfortunately though, most of the time she’s making us laugh, she’s actually being serious.

We here at One Wisconsin Now have taken it upon ourselves to release the full archive of Simac’s seriously funny material on our daily blog If you use Twitter, follow the hashtag #stuffsimacsays.

The highlight so far has been Simac’s bizarre propensity for speaking about Nazis, Nazi Germany, and/or Adolph Hitler. Sometimes she’s comparing America to Nazi Germany. Other times she’s shaming someone for comparing America to Nazi Germany. It all depends on who the subject is (and what party that person identifies with). Take a look:

In November of 2009, when Democrats held the majority in Congress and Wisconsin’s legislature, in addition to having a Dem President and a Dem Governor in Wisconsin, Kim Simac took to the Twitter to trash America, drawing a parallel with Nazi Germany:

I think of how the German people such intelligent wonderful people were led so astray and to slaughter I am beginning to see it clearly now

Aha, but after two years of big corporate-funded tea parties bought Republicans control in Wisconsin, Simac changed her tune COMPLETELY. Speaking at a tea party event in 2011, she went on a long rant about how Scott Walker’s power-grab and notion of centralized control shouldn’t be compared with that of Adolph Hitler. Listen to her hypocritcal nonsense here.

There’s other outrageous stuff, too. Like the time she Twittered “Off with their heads!” or the time she said “I am not a scientist” right before she launched into denying global climate change.

It would all be a lot funnier if it wasn’t so serious.

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