Introducing Wisconsin’s new conservative overlords: Meet the Majority

Behold, our latest project —, where we pull back the slimy, cold-blanket of rhetoric and deception and expose the extremism and failed policies of the new members of the conservative legislative majority.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the new corporate-controlled conservatives:

Rep. Kathy Bernier of Chippewa Falls who said the state domestic partner registry to provide some equality for committed same sex couples is “just another burden for county clerks.” So far, in the county where she was clerk had a total of five domestic partner registration. I know, equal rights are just SO DARN BURDENSOME!

Sen. Pam Galloway of Wausau, who said, “Some companies have taken jobs overseas to preserve jobs here…It isn’t that all jobs have left. It’s important to look at which jobs are leaving, are they worth preserving?” Call me silly, but I happen to believe that ALL American jobs are worth saving.

Rep. Jim Steineke of Kaukauna who said, “I propose phasing out the corporate income tax altogether, because I think the corporate income tax doesn’t do anything real beneficial to any of us.” Of course, his crazy idea to blow an even bigger hole in the budget deficit is a blip on the Crazy Radar compared to his 100-page long police report.

Yech. I need a bath. And that’s just scratching the surface. Check out the rest of the insanity and inanity at

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