Irony on Parade in Waukesha

Right-Wing's "We Did Build It" Rally to be Held in Taxpayer-Funded Facility, Keynote Address by U.S. Senator Who Married Into Fortune

MADISON, Wis. — From the location to the keynote address, irony will be on parade this weekend in Waukesha according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross as a cavalcade of right-wing organizations promote unaccountable privatization.

Ross noted the rally is being held at the Waukesha County Expo Center, a public building that receives an operating subsidy from area property taxpayers.

He commented, “There’s no denying the irony of a collection of rabid, right-wing activists rallying against ‘big government’ at a facility run by a county government and subsidized with public funds.”

But the irony doesn’t end there according to Ross. Topping off the day, a keynote address will be delivered U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. While touting his personal wealth and ownership of businesses, Johnson regularly omits the origins of his fortune, marriage into a wealthy Oshkosh area family.

“Right wing acolytes of trickle-down economics are going to be treated to a lecture about the virtues of self-reliance by a man who married into his fortune, in a public building. The rest of us will watch the irony on parade,” concluded Ross.

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