Jeff Fitzgerald on Memorial Day Weekend: Working Bad, Fundraiser Fine

Seemingly irrelevant Republican Assembly honcho Jeff Fitzgerald returned from a long spring nap to yammer about plans by the state’s budget writing committee to work part of this coming Memorial Day weekend.

Dusting off his keyboard and reintroducing himself to capitol staff, Lil’ Fitz fired off a press release today complaining about the proposed Friday and Saturday workdays, writing, ‘€œNow on the weekend where we are to honor those who have given their lives to protect our freedom and open form of government, Democrats are scheduled to vote on provisions in the budget that they want held out of scrutiny by the media and public.”

Two things:

1. Only a capitol incarnate like Fitzgerald could complain about elected officials working on a Friday…and gasp, a Saturday.

2. Why didn’t he castigate his buddy Rep. Brett Davis of Monroe for holding a fundraiser over a similar Memorial Day weekend “where we are to honor those who have given their lives to protect our freedom” last legislative session?

Since this comes from the same Fitzgerald who proclaimed as newly-minted minority leader that “I don’t have to solve that problem. Obviously that’s the Democrats’ problem,” at least by being hypocritical, he’s actually doing something for a change.

Note: That “something” is not actually showing how he’d close the budget deficit

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