JFC Republicans to Help Gov. Scott Walker to Criminalize Poverty

‘Anyone Supporting Walker’s Drug Testing Scheme Ought to Be at the Front to Get Drug Tested Themselves’

MADISON, Wis. — With the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee set to pass Gov. Scott Walker’s scheme to force adults receiving food stamps to submit to government-forced urine tests, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements. Ross pointed out that in his 24 years as an elected official, Walker has received over $2 million in salary, as well as health care for he and his entire family for decades, and since 2011 a mansion, security and numerous amenities and perks, all paid for by taxpayers.

“During the 1990s, Assembly Corrections Chair Scott Walker helped criminalize drug addiction and now as governor, he’s criminalizing poverty. Data from other states and in Wisconsin shows these draconian policies are not both costly and ineffective.

“Anyone supporting Gov. Walker’s drug testing scheme ought to be at the front of the line to get drug tested themselves.”

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