Joel Kleefish: Castro-Soviet Communist?

One Wisconsin Now has been wondering from which broom closet in the GOP bathhouse of stupidity ample GOPer seat-filler Joel Kleefisch yanked his “sex offender” license plate idea.

Turns out it’s from the bowels of Soviet-era Russia and Fidel Castro’s communist Cuba. (Cue shocking music)

According to a national wire story published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, in Cuba “A rainbow of colors and an alphabet soup of codes tell the discerning eye how important you are in the egalitarian revolution as you whiz by – your nationality, what you do for a living and often how high you rank at work.”

What’s worse: “Cuba’s painstaking color-coding of license plates – a system copied from the former Soviet Union – is one way authorities have kept tabs on people and their vehicles for decades.”

Ye gods.

It only remains to be seen how long it takes Joel Kleefisch to explain just how far back his affiliations with the communist menace go. 

Question: Joel are you now or have you ever been a communist?

Has any member of your family participated in an anti-America plot to overthrow the government?

Name names!

# # #

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