John Macco’s Record Opposing Taxes: Late Eight Times on His Local Property Taxes, State Tax Warrant Issued for Unpaid Income Taxes

MADISON, Wis. — State Senate candidate John Macco has a record of opposing taxes, at least when it comes to paying his own on time, based on a review of state and local tax records conducted by One Wisconsin Now.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “A candidate for public office saying they’re opposed to taxes is no surprise, but few have the lengthy record that John Macco has of failing to pay them on time.”

Over the last fifteen years, Macco has been late paying his local property taxes eight times, including settling his 2007 tax bill over one year late. The state Department of Revenue was also forced to file a tax warrant against Macco for almost $3,500 in unpaid income taxes.

One Wisconsin Now’s review of local property tax records found that Macco failed to pay his property taxes on time for tax years 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008. In fact, Macco failed to pay his 2007 taxes, due January 31st of 2008, until March 2009, racking up nearly $1,100 in interest and penalties on the overdue bill.

Macco has also been delinquent paying his state income taxes. In January 2000 the state Department of Revenue was forced to file a tax warrant against Macco for nearly $3,500 in income taxes due from tax year 1998. Macco did not pay the state income tax he owed until June of 2000, over one year after the date they were due.

“Paying your property taxes late in eight of the last fifteen years, including over 14 months late on one occasion, and having a state tax warrant issued against you for thousands of dollars in unpaid state income taxes is more than just an oversight, it’s a pattern of behavior,” concluded Ross.

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