John Macco’s Wife Endorses Him in TV Ad

But What Else Does She Have to Say?

MADISON, Wis. — It’s no surprise the wife of state Senate candidate John Macco endorses his campaign. But according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross she has, much like U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson’s son Jason, shared and advocated racially charged, discredited right-wing attacks regarding President Obama.

Ross commented, “Publicly endorsing your spouse in a political campaign is par for the course. But endorsing and distributing some of the most outlandish, discredited and offensive right-wing conspiracy theories about the President of the United States and the Islamic faith is quite another matter.”

Ms. Macco posts under the handle @NurseForHealth on the internet site Twitter. Among her tweets are a link to a controversial video entitled Muslim Demographics, a retweet of a link to a video titled How To Prove That Obama’s Father Is Frank Marshall Davis and a suggestion that President Obama is Islamic.

The Muslim Demographics video shared by Ms. Macco ominously suggest “Christendom”, based in Western Europe and the United States, is in danger of being “lost” to Muslim immigrants. The YouTube page on which the video is posted contains the following description: “Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.” [YouTube]

Ms. Macco’s tweet sharing this controversial video also included the hashtags, #AmericaFail and #TAKEOVER.

Ms. Macco questioned the President’s Christian faith, including the hashtag ”#Obama=Islam’ in a tweet she sent linking to the rabidly right-wing World Net Daily website, noted for promoting thoroughly discredited attacks against President Obama, like where he was born and his religious beliefs.

Finally, Ms. Macco shared a link to a video advocating the outlandish right-wing conspiracy theory that President Obama’s “true” father was a reputed Chicago-based communist activist, who, the video also alleges, took nude photographs of his mother. The tweet also includes an exhortation to “vote out commie Obammie”. [YouTube]

Ironically, Ms. Macco recently tweeted “I’ve been sort of censored from posting stuff on fb, so this is more “obscure”! lol! I can get away with it. Tehe”

Ross concluded, “Ms. Macco jokingly refers to getting away with sharing her thoughts in a ”more obscure’ forum. But the views she shares and endorses are not only outlandish and thoroughly discredited, they are racist and offensive, even if you think you’re not being watched.”

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