John Roberts Sets Murderer Free!

Don’€™t mind me, I’€™m just practicing my hand at writing a Gableman/WMC style attack ad. You see, the United States Supreme Court threw out the murder conviction of a man yesterday because they found that the prosecution improperly kept African Americans off of the jury during the African American defendant’€™s trial. I can already see the Gableman/WMC ad saying that Chief Justice John Roberts cares more about ‘€œtechnicalities’€ than murder victims or that he used a ‘€œloop hole’€ to set a murderer free. Gableman has said that John Roberts is one of his favorite Justices, so he obviously has a convenient double standard in his approach to such cases. In the mean time he and WMC continue to reduce the level of our discourse to that of misleading and untruthful bumper sticker slogans. 

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