“Just a Mom” town hall troll really GOP operative

Heather Blish introduced herself to Rep. Steve Kagen’s Town Hall last week in true Sarah Palin fashion — holding her baby as prop and claiming she is “just a mom” with real concerns about health care reform. Her ‘regular mom’ act was so authentic she even got on the teevee news! You could almost hear the Alaska in her voice as she insisted ‘€œI’€™m not a member of the Republican Party.’€™ All she needed to add was a ‘€˜doncha know.’€™

Someone should remind Heather Blish that in the age of the Internets, it’€™s pretty easy to uncover a whole heap of lies with a couple of clicks. Yeah, so regular-mom-not-GOP-operative Heather Blish was vice-chair of the the Kewaunee County GOP until 2008. She currently works for Maelstrom Solutions, a GOPer web design firm that designed the WISGOP site, the campaign sites for JB Van Hollen, John Gard, Paul Ryan, and Leah Vukmir, and the site for Coalition for America’s Families. Maelstrom also offered a $500 discount to any right-wing pro-life site in ‘€˜honor’€™ of President Obama’€™s inauguration.

But she’s not affiliated with the GOP. Right.

Then NBC 26 pushed Blish about her ties to the Republican Party ‘€“ turns out Blish worked as on online strategist for the John Gard campaign against Steve Kagen in 2008.


Blish might be a mom, but she’€™s no ‘€˜regular mom’€™ with real concerns, she’€™s been a Republican party operative for nearly her entire career. She lied to the crowd at the Kagen town hall, and she lied to the media twice: once when asked who she was, and once when asked about her apparent affiliations with WISGOP.

Its dishonest GOP operatives like Heather Blish that are fomenting the fake outrage we’€™re seeing at town halls, nothing less. They’€™re planting themselves at the microphone in hopes of creating a scene ‘€“ and when they’€™re not personally at the town halls, they’€™re distributing lies and distortions in hopes of scaring people away from real change in our broken health care system.

Oh, and P.S.—also seen in the crowd at the Kagen listening session was John Gard’s (GOP failure-Green Bay) wife Cate Zueske, just another regular mom, doncha know!

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