Kenosha School Board Candidate William Mauer III’s Permanent Record: Multiple Arrests, Criminal Convictions for Disorderly Conduct, Drunk Driving and Possession of Drugs

MADISON, Wis. — Generations of school children have been discouraged from misbehaving by threats that their transgressions would be added to their “permanent record”. Such exhortations apparently had no impact on William Mauer III, a candidate for the Kenosha Unified School Board, whose permanent record is a lengthy criminal one.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “With a criminal record like this, the last job you’d think William Mauer would seek is one as an elected official overseeing millions of taxpayer dollars and our children’s education.”

Mauer’s rap sheet is cause for serious concern. It includes three convictions for disorderly conduct since 2002, two convictions for drunk driving and a conviction for possession of marijuana. Other lowlights of Mauer criminal history:

  • A charge of domestic violence for allegedly grabbing a woman by the throat when she attempted to take marijuana from his room;
  • An arrest for endangering public safety by intentionally pointing a gun at a neighbor during a dispute over a lawn mower;
  • A police report in which a neighbor says Mauer told her he “hates dogs and kids”;
  • A conviction for disorderly conduct at medical facility where Mauer, according to a police report, used a gay epithet towards a security guard.

Copies of numerous police reports and criminal complaints regarding Mauer’s law-breaking behavior can be found here:

Mugshots are available to view here:

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