Kevin Petersen Picks on Kids Because He’s a Big Ol’ Legislator

GOP Seat-filler Kevin Petersen is cheesed. He’s more than cheesed. He’s a whole lotta angry.

He says veterans are getting shortchanged in the proposed state. The Waupaca state legie never had a thing to say about the endless shortfunding at the federal level under George Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress, but now he’s in a fury.

Fact: The state’s not cutting benefits. The budget is directing veterans into the generous benefits of the just-expanded GI Bill to make sure veterans get their fair share out of the federal program.

That’s it. Veterans get the benefits they have earned from the federal government.

Oh, the humanity, Kev.

Who’s to blame: teenage immigrants.

Indeed, Petersen takes the racist route. He says instead of funding veterans, we’re going to be allowing the children of undocumented in-state immigrants to attend the University of Wisconsin by (gasp) paying what other students in the state of Wisconsin pay for tuition.

Note: these teenage students are those who have graduated from Wisconsin’s high schools and who wish to attend college. Again, they would have to pay tuition, just like other students in the state of Wisconsin.

Way to pick on kids, Kev. You are clearly a big man.

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