Koch Brothers Fill Up Walker’s Campaign Tank

We already know Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is on the big oil bandwagon.

After all, this is the guy who taken at least $70,000 from oil, gas and pipeline companies, while being a loud voice opposing the Clean Energy Jobs Act and the high speed rail project that would reduce Wisconsin’s dependence on oil.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act would have created an additional 15,000 good-paying jobs and the high speed rail project will bring 5,500 construction and engineering jobs in the next couple of year.

And now the payoff: $15,000 to Walker’s campaign account from his friends at Koch Industries PAC.

Walker’s just-released pre-primary campaign finance report shows a $15,000 gimme from the Koch PAC back on July 9, 2010.

Koch is the nation’s second-largest privately held corporation. They have oil interests across the country, including in Wisconsin.

Koch gave the Republican Governor’s Association $1 million for smear ads, and they have delivered a series of discredited attacks against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

In addition, they have been the driving financial force behind the teapartiers at Americans for Prosperity.

Details of the wide-reaching tentacles of the right-wing Koch outfit was also featured in a recent New Yorker piece.

Scott Walker: Against job creation through green energy and rail, but for big money from big oil’s biggest mouthpiece.

So, when it comes to putting the interests of out-of-state big oil before those of the people of Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s message is “fill ‘er up.”

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