Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Adds $90,000 in Wausau TV to ‘Save Walker’s Senate’ Scheme

Recall TV Spending Nears $250,000 as Payback for Nearly $2 Billion in Corporate Tax Cuts Passed by Walker, GOP-Led Legislature

MADISON, Wis. — The Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity had added another near-$100,000 television buy on Wausau television to its scheme to try and save Gov. Scott Walker’s Senate majority. This in addition to more than $150,000 purchased at the end of last week for Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee television.

“With limitless corporate coffers, the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity is in an all-out spending spree,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “The Koch Brothers will not drown out the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who are rejecting the extremist anti-middle class, anti-Wisconsin agenda of Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican Senate.”

Americans for Prosperity emerged as the most powerful of all of the groups fueling the so-called Tea Party movement and has spent in excess of $65 million since 2008, including $40 million in 2010 when Republicans seized power of numerous state legislatures and gubernatorial seats, including Wisconsin which went from having a Democratic governor and Democratic-controlled Senate and Assembly to complete Republican control.

Just yesterday, complaints were filed with the Government Accountability Board by Wisconsin voters who were sent a deceptive and incorrect absentee ballot mailing by the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, which could have resulted in countless Wisconsin voters being denied the right to vote in the upcoming recall elections.

“Gov. Scott Walker is at the beck and call of the Koch Brothers, whether it’s on the telephone, or when he’s doling out corporate special interest tax breaks to businesses like the Kochs,” said Ross. “The billionaire big oil Koch Brothers keep seeing their own wealth increase by billions of dollars, while Walker and the Republicans just hiked taxes by $70 million on Wisconsin seniors and working Wisconsinites.”

The $250,000 in television ads comes after Koch’s Americans for Prosperity spent $380,000 in the spring to defend Gov. Walker’s attack on Wisconsin workers. Gov. Walker and the Republican-controlled State Senate and Assembly unilaterally stripped away the rights of 175,000 Wisconsin workers, leading to an unprecedented mobilization by hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites and recall elections against six Republican senators.

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