Koschnick’s Seamus Flaherty is Shameless…

After the first Supreme Court debate, Randy Koschnick’s right-hand-sleaze-man Seamus Flaherty set the tone for the coming public debate on the Supreme Court: more lies, more mistruths, more distortions.

During the debate, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson pointed out the Judge Koschnick was incorrect in stating the Wisconsin was the only state in which a decision similar to Knapp, a.k.a ‘the Bloody Shoes’ case. When asked about the campaign’s misinformation, Seamus Flaherty decided instead to continue to mislead the public about the Knapp case. 

I was at the debate on Thursday, and if his statements are any indication, Seamus Flaherty might have been in attendance at the debate, but he sure wasn’t listening. His claim that Wisconsin is the only state where a ruling like Knapp was applied is totally false.

Justice Abrahamson cited during the debate at least four other states where the Supreme Court there made similar rulings in cases related to Knaap — Oregon, Vermont, Ohio and Massachusetts.

Abrahamson pointed out quite clearly to Koschnick that his campaign literature that used the “only in Wisconsin” state language was either incorrectly and incompletely researched or an out right lie. Yet Koschnick’s right-had man, Seamus Flaherty is out there right after the debate, pushing the same absolutely false claim. And either way, it shows a carelessness by Flaherty and Koschnick towards elevating this important debate.

Seamus really is shameless; But then again, if past years are any model, I guess I should be gearing up to hear more falsehoods and slime from the Flaherty and Koschnick.

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