Lack of DMV Access and Absence of Widespread Voting Impropriety Among Reasons to Reject Racist Voter ID Law

State Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Law That Could Keep 300,000 Legal Wisconsin Voters From the Polls

MADISON, Wis. — On Tuesday, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court will hear two cases challenging a voter ID law that, if implemented, would disenfranchise an estimated 300,000 otherwise legal voters.

One Wisconsin Institute has filed an amicus brief as part of one of the challenges (NAACP v. Walker et. al.). It notes the lack of DMV access in Wisconsin creates an unconstitutional barrier to access to the franchise to address a phantom problem, widespread voting impropriety.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross in advance of the hearing tomorrow:

“Voting is a right guaranteed in the Wisconsin Constitution, and a responsibility, and it ought to be the policy of the government to make it as easy as possible for every legal voter that wishes to cast their ballot and to have that vote counted.

“The voter ID law takes us in exactly the opposite direction. In part because Wisconsin citizens face significant challenges compared to other states in being able to travel to a DMV service center to obtain the necessary ID to exercise a right guaranteed in the Wisconsin Constitution.

“And all in pursuit of a solution to a problem that based on all available evidence does not exist – widespread in-person voting impropriety.

“Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans have a truly shameful track record of attempting to manipulate the rules on voting to gain advantage for themselves, and voter ID is just one example.

“Their narrow, partisan political interests must not be allowed to trump the state constitutional right to vote.”

In 2013 One Wisconsin Now issued a report detailing the breadth of the GOP led efforts to roll back voter protections in Wisconsin, available here:

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