Latest Job Numbers Show Wisconsin Continues to Lag Behind Nation in Job Creation Under Gov. Walker

It's Clear The Only 250,000 Number He'll Achieve in His Term is 250,000 Frequent Flier Miles'

MADISON, Wis. — The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a new round of national job numbers. According to the data, Wisconsin ranks in the bottom third of states and significantly lags the national job growth rate. The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“While Gov. Walker criss-crosses the country in pursuit of his personal political ambitions and pushes an anything-but-jobs legislative agenda back home, the hard-working people of Wisconsin get stuck with his failure. The latest job numbers show we, again, lag behind the national average in job creation.

“Under Gov. Walker we’ve endured a steady stream of scandal – felonious campaign activity by top aides and close associates, his economic development agency losing track of millions of dollars and using public funds to buy football tickets, booze and gift cards, and the latest sleazy attempt to give potentially millions of taxpayer dollars to a politically connected front group that endorsed him.

“He’s divided the state as never before with radical attacks on workers, voters and women’s health services. And he’s enacted extremist policies like records cuts to education, kicking 92,000 people off their state BadgerCare and giving away billions in tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

“It’s no wonder Gov. Walker’s special interest cronies are in panic mode and are scrambling to boost his sagging poll numbers with a nearly million dollars in television ads to date, over a year out from election day and before he even has a declared opponent.

“Based on the latest report of sub-par job performance by the Gov. Walker it’s clear the only 250,000 number he’ll achieve in his term is 250,000 frequent flier miles.”

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