Latest State Supreme Court Case: Pat Roggensack v. Truth?

Supreme Court Justice Found to Have Falsely Claimed Endorsements and Misled on Court Disputes

MADISON, Wis. — Bizarre incidents in which Justice Pat Roggensack misled the public on campaign endorsements and refused to explain recorded statements she made in defense of the erratic behavior of fellow conservative Justice David Prosser are raising questions about her credibility on the court.

According to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, “These latest incidents suggest Pat Roggensack has a disturbingly adversarial relationship with the truth for someone seeking to be a judge on the top court in the state.”

In two known incidents, Roggensack listed individuals as endorsing her who have not. The most recent non-endorser is a reserve judge from Northern Wisconsin who was listed as supporting her candidacy despite explicitly indicating in a conversation with her that he would not do so based on her record on the court.

In previous recorded remarks, Roggensack claimed fellow conservative justice David Prosser apologized “right away” for a verbal tirade in which he made disparaging remarks about the court’s Chief Justice. This week the subject of Prosser’s verbal tirade indicated that in fact Prosser never directly apologized to her for his behavior. When questioned about this disparity, Roggensack refused to take the opportunity to clarify her remarks and instead accused a reporter of playing “gotcha” with her.

Ross concluded, “Based on her record of votes and decisions on the court we know that Pat Roggensack favors the special interests funding her campaign over the rest of us. Based on these latest bizarre incidents from her in this campaign, we may also be learning that she prefers stonewalling and political spin to the truth.”

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