Lautenschlager: Van Hollen wants to suppress vote

Now can we stop hearing the claim that by sending out 50 law enforcement agents to polling places Tuesday that Atty. Gen. J.B. Van Hollen is just doign what Peg Lautenschlager did four years ago?

Here’s what Lautenschlager herself says:

In 2004 Peggy Lautenschlager, now an attorney for Lawton & Cates, said she also used DOJ personnel to monitor polling places on Election Day, but her efforts were focused on making sure voters got their chance to vote.

“It is clear that under the guise of stopping alleged voter fraud he is concerned about obtaining voter suppression,” she said.

Van Hollen said earlier this week that he planned to send out his own team of agents and attorneys, saying voters, “have a right to vote in fair elections untainted by election fraud.”

Lautenschlager said her efforts in 2004 were “diametrically opposite to what Van Hollen is proposing to do on Tuesday.”

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