Lazich Also an Exaggerater on Constituent Contacts

Rep. Marlin Schneider got called out by the Associated Press for a claim he made on the number of constituents who contacted him about his laughably-unconstitutional bill limiting the public’€™s right to the online Circuit Court Access Program.

It reminded us of a similar constituent claim made by right-wing seat-filler Sen. Mary Lazich. Back in 2009, in the midst of the debate on the state’€™s biennial budget, Lazich offered from the floor of the senate on June 17, ‘€œ…I’m getting a few hundred communications a day on this budget, and they are not positive. They are negative…‘€ (Go to 1:11:40)

It’€™s not that we didn’€™t take Lazich at her word. Well, actually it was. We didn’€™t believe her for a second. So One Wisconsin Now did an open records request asking for all emails, letters, faxes and records of phone calls about the state budget bill, AB 75.

The results?

Lies, lies, lies from the New Berlin legislative lifer.

1.) The most Lazich ever received on one day was 68 contacts.

2.) On June 17, the day of her floor speech, Lazich received just 41 contacts.

3.) The day before her floor speech Lazich received her second highest number of contacts on one day, and that was 67.

4.) In the whole month of May she received just 351 contacts on the budget. June 1-18 she received 601 contacts on the budget. That’s a total of 952 contacts over 49 days.

5.) Had she received “hundreds” of contacts every day, assuming we lowball “hundreds” to equal just 200 contacts, she would have received nearly 10,000 contacts in May and June. Rather, she received 952.

6.) She represents roughly 162,000 constituents — 0.06 percent contacted her regarding the budget in May and June — well short of even half of 1 percent.

7.) For 16 of the 49 days, or 32 percent of the period sought by One Wisconsin Now, Lazich received five or fewer contacts per day.

Hardly ‘€œhundreds of communications every day’€¦’€

Perhaps the senator would amend and revise her remarks?


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