Lazich-faire Attitude on Big Money for the Rich

Senator Mary Lazich is miffed at One Wisconsin Now. 

Recently, she offered up some mangled criticisms of Wisconsin Now’€™s effort to reinstate the estate tax for Wisconsin’€™s wealthiest, which expired earlier the year.

As soon as we heard Sen. Lazich was criticizing our efforts to end the $300 million estate tax loophole for the state’€™s wealthiest heirs and heiresses, we knew we were doing the right thing.  

Sen. Lazich serves as a professional naysayer to government investment in the public good, all the while personally benefiting from the perks of a taxpayer-financed salary, health care package and staff.  

Instead of considering how $300 million could stop cuts in programs helping the disabled, the poor, our seniors and our children, Sen. Lazich pledges opposition to reinstating the estate tax as a means to meet her obligations to the big oil-financed Americans for Properity. [For more about Americans for Prosperity’€¦for Big Oil, go here.

Lazich’€™s career has been the government-financed personification of hypocritical rightwing extremism. In just the last year, Sen. Lazich opposed indexing the minimum wage, protecting consumers from gouging by big oil and led efforts against giving the people of the Wisconsin the same health care she herself enjoys at our expense.  

At One Wisconsin Now, we welcome her vocal opposition to our efforts on the estate tax and hope it will energize progressives around Wisconsin to join our fight to restore fair taxation once and for all.

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