Lazich voted for to kill notary requirement she now wants for Walker recall

Walker's leading foot soldier in the war on voting, Sen. Mary Lazich, is relentless in offering more sleazy schemes to try and save Walker and the GOP Senate majority.

When it comes to sheer partisan hackery, there is no substitute for GOP Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin.

Lazich, an author of the Jim Crow-era voter suppression ID bill, has now dumped a slew of sleazy legislations to try and save Gov. Scott Walker and the razor-thin Republican Senate majority.

And now it’s requiring her to vote against bill she voted for previously.

Check out Lazich’s sudden call Friday to require recall petitions to be notarized. Make no mistake, this is a 100 percent to try and thwart the coming recall of Scott Walker as well as a number of her fellow Republican senators.

But if you look at her legislative voting record, you will see that Lazich voted for AB700 in 2000, which took away the requirement of notarized nomination papers. For Lazich to make this flip flop is just another example of the desperation and duplicity of Walker’s soldiers run the GOP legislative majority.

It’s not job creation, it’s not giving corporations the “tools to succeed,” Lazich’s schemes are about subverting democracy and rigging elections to her bend.

In short, Lazich believes only Republican voters should have the right to cast their ballot.

Welcome to Walker’s Wisconsin.

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