Leinencuckoo: “I’m not a wealthy man”

U.S. Senate Candidate Dick Leinenkugel claimed in a recent Wispolitics.Com inteveriew that “I’m not a wealthy man, but I’m rich in my convictions.” Now most would think that Dick got it exactly wrong— because he is actually a wealthy man and going from the Democratic Party one day to the Republican Party the next demonstrates and obvious lack of convictions, but those people don’t understand Leinencuckoo speak.



You see, in Leinencuckoo land, up is down, down is up, left is right, right is left… well, you get the idea: whatever he says, he means the exact opposite! Got it?



When he said he was not wealthy, he really meant that he was an heir of millions. And when he said that he was “rich in convictions,” he really meant that he is cuckoo bird, flitting in and out of politcal parties and issues from one day to the next. In fact, don’t be surprised if today he announces that he is leaving his kooky rightwing Tea Party friends and joining the far-left Weather Underground and running to the far, far left of Feingold: Leinencuckoo is completly unpredictable, you never what he is going to do next!

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