Leinencuckoo Statement on “I am not a wealthy man”




Statement released from Leinencuckoo: 

Friends, recently my comments regarding my lack of wealth have come under fire.  I’m not backing down, though. 

Like most hard-working Wisconsites, I am NOT a wealthy man! I’m going through the same struggles as YOU!  

Like most hard-working Wisconsites, I was born into a family that still owned the family business that my great-great grandpa started in the 1800s. And, like most hard-working Wisconsinites, I joined that family business and quickly became a vice president and earned a meager six figure salary. And, like most hard-working Wisconsinites, my family would sell the business to Miller and make me the heir to a meager cajillion dollars.

That’s right: I only made a six figure salary and am only heir to a cajillion dollars!  At best, like most hard-working Wisconsinites, I’m a cajillionaire.  I’m no billionaire or trillionaire, but still people want to call me “wealthy”!?! Absurd! John Menards?  Herb Kohler?  Now your talking “wealthy”! But me?!? A meager Leinenkugel heir?!? “Wealthy”?!? Ridiculous!

The reality is that, like most hard-working Wisconsinites, I’m in the lower 99% income bracket, struggling from paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet.  



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