Let it snow, let it snow, and then don’t plow the roads: Walker’s next good idea

The employment outlook for Milwaukee County snowplow drivers? Like many other Milwaukee County employees, layoffs. Fully half of all the drivers in the county could be laid off in the next year unless the County comes up with more money. Milwaukee County might have enough funding to get through this winter, but next summer and winter are already looking like rough roads ahead. mmmmmm. Potholes.

Scott Walker’€™s solution to the problem? Cross his fingers and hope for less snow. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker is really hoping this winter is mild, so any savings realized can be spread out over the year to offset the lack of funding. Unfortunately for Walker, reality once again gets in the way of his wishful thinking [and complete lack of planning].

The forecast in Milwaukee this week: snow, heavy at times, with up to 15 inches total accumulation possible by Thursday.

Even if this first big snowfall isn’€™t a harbinger of a budget-busting winter ahead, Walker’€™s pray-and-save scheme wouldn’€™t work because any savings seen this winter would go towards ‘€œexceptional needs’€ like flood damage said David Vieth of the DOT. 

Once again, Walker governs with no regard for the rules or reality. So drive safe out there, keep it between the lines, and keep plenty of following distance, because even though Scott Walker is doing his best to run Milwaukee County into the ditch, do your best to keep your car out of it.  

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