Limbaugh’s pack eats its own, again

Robert Mentzer of the Wausau Daily Herald reported today that a Republican Party of Marathon County spokesperson has been stripped of his duties for criticizing the colossal conservative mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh.The now former Marathon County GOP spokesperson, Kevin Stevenson, was let go after he poked Rush for hoping President Obama would fail. The remarks made by Stevenson that got him ousted include: “Sadly, today’s politics is full of self-interest. Rush Limbaugh is not a politician… Republicans do not agree with all of the president’s policies, but no one wants him to fail as president… No good citizen wants the United States to fail… We must agree to disagree in order to move forward.”

Like Michael Steele and others before him, poor Stevenson got swallowed up by the Rush Limbaugh horde for suggesting practical and sensible ideas on how to advance a conservative agenda rather than just spewing vitriol and hatred as a means to do so.

Mentzer’s story can be found here: Rush Limbaugh critic Kevin Stevenson ousted as Marathon County Republican Party spokesman

(Stevenson’s reponse to being ousted is next to the article, on the right.)

You can read Stevenson’s original full column here: Republicans don’t want Obama to fail

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