Lobbyist Fundraiser Near Keating Five Anniversary Shows McCain Out of Touch

Twenty-one years to the day after he attended the second meeting to put pressure on federal regulators which became known as the Keating Five scandal, John McCain is showing how out of touch he is by continuing to cozy up to lobbyists.

A new report from Public Campaign Action, shows a real mixed record on McCain’s support for public financing — despite overwhelming public support for real change for the way campaigns are financed.

Whether it’s Keating Five or the recent revelations about his questionable intervention for Paxson Communications, McCain’s reputation as a good government champion is under serious scrutiny.

For instance, thirty-five of the 43 hosts at a McCain DC fundraiser held last night were lobbyists. In addition, his campaign manager is a lobbyist and he’s got 67 lobbyists raising money for him.

To anyone who’s sick of the special interest orgy that’s erupted in the last eight years in Washington, DC, McCain’s actions, whether it’s clean government (or Iraq or the economy or health care) seem like a big heaping helping of the same old, same old.


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