Lunatic fringe to file frivolous lawsuit

Our wacky neighbors at Pro(foundly deluded)-life Wisconsin are either really, really against both birth control and women, or they are really, really spoiling for a new fundraising campaign.

Most likely it’s both columns A & B.

In an article about the celebration at the signing of the Compassion Care for Rape Victims, the Cap Times offered the following:

Pro-Life Wisconsin, which opposes abortion and says all forms of hormonal contraceptives cause abortions, said today it would likely challenge the law in court.

“We are not lying down,” lobbyist Matt Sande said. “The law is unconstitutional. It ought to be challenged and we’re working on it.”

It’s hard to take them seriously when you actually read their statements out loud. What’s P-LW’s next argument, that menstruation kills babies?

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