Luther Olsen-supporting private school pushers caught “copying”

The American Federation for Children is a private school-pushing group led by ethically-questionable former GOP speaker Scott Jensen. Naturally, the group is supporting public school-attacking, ethically-challenged state senator Luther Olsen.

In a new political ad, the pro-private school group claims that “out-of-state” groups are attacking Olsen for his record. Interesting, because the group appears to be “copying” the same stock footage of a classroom used in ads by the Republican State Leadership Committee and the Florida Chamber of Commerce we reported on earlier this year.

Here is a screenshot of the Olsen ad:

“Saved Teachers (sic) Jobs”

And here are screenshots of the previous videos from the other anti-public school groups:

UPDATE: As chance would have it, at nearly the exact time I originally posted this piece, Gawker posted a story about teachers too. The stock photo Gawker used in their post looks awfully familiar…

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