Majority of Wisconsin Judges appointed

Judges never forget their ambulance chasing days. They learn they have to be scoundrels to compete. It is part of a lawyers survival. Most lawyers are pretty boys or rich kids. Lets face it the average person thinks of making money to help the family etc. We all dream of college, but finances do not allow it. Only rich spoiled brats can make a career out of college or their dealers. I’m talking 8 to 10 years of college as a scoundrel does.
Like running for president or governor. You must be rich and a dealer to make it. The myth of working their way through college is one in a million. Some do get grants like winning lottery. Or have connections.
Lawyers never struggle or live a life anything compared to the average Joe. This has caused the lack of Common sense in our Courts. They have experience in decision making like how many olives in my drink.
In Wisconsin most Circuit Court Judges are not elected as you would think. You will read every month the Governor appoints another Circuit Court judge somewhere in Wisconsin. As in the new Supreme Court race they state why they were originally appointed as Circuit Court judges by the Governor at the time.. As Circuit Court judges retire it is common practice to resign in the middle of their term. They have six year terms.
This allows the POWERS THAT BE to stay in control in each County. It is then almost unheard of a Lawyer running against a sitting judge. It is suicide for a lawyer because spoiled rich kids (judges are very vindictive.) . It would not be fair to your clients knowing you will never get a fair ruling in front of that judge again. Scougrels are very competitive. This has allowed Scoundrels to make a mockery out of the Election system for Judges. In Rusk County the Scoundrel was appointed by Tony Earl in 1986. In Sawyer County the scoundrel was appointed by Tommy Thompson in 1994. These are Heir to the THROWN. Some Democracy. As we all Know absolute power always corrupts.
That is why Circuit Courts now legislate from the bench because they have absolute power. They also use case law which is legislating from the bench. Also against state law that they ALL use. Like all Kings they receive their thrown from family and financial ties. The biggest scoundrel wins.
Once this scoundrel wins Wisconsinites all loose as the records show. All Judges must be elected with two year term limits. Allowing new blood in the courts. The system as it is the defendant usually is the most HONEST person in the Court Room.
Putting a robe on a Lawyer is like putting perfume on a PIG.
They are still SCOUNGRELS!!!!
We should put a rope on these scoundrels and take our Justice system back. There are laws in place just the Wisconsin Judicial Commission is King of King Scoundrels appointed as all Kings or Judges. Judicial Elections in Wisconsin are a myth at all levels.
As in Sawyer County the local Paper is no more than a public relations firm for the County. They fear these scoundrels.
Time to make a Democracy out of this Hypocrisy!

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