March Badness has begun!

Your March Badness 2009 bracket is ready.

March Badness is One Wisconsin Now’s tournament where you choose what’s the worst of the worst on the right so far in 2009.

March Badness Click here to go directly to your March Badness 2009 bracket and pick what you think is the worst of the worst from conservatives.

The ballots were tallied and in our play-in game, you voted House Minority Leader John Boehner’s grandstanding obstructionism over Sen. Norm Coleman’s never-ending legal circus.

No recount. No nonsense. Norm Coleman: You lost.

We’ve got eight match-ups in two divisions – the Hannity Division and the O’Reilly Division. In each contest, you choose between two offensive right-wing acts to see what moves on to the next round.

Click here to fill out your March Badness 2009 bracket.

It’s easy. And it’s a fun way to make your voice heard about the nonsense of the right wing in 2009.

After you’ve cast your votes, you can also print out a bracket and keep up-to-date on all the “winners.”

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